Stuck Con


StuckCon is an event by fans and for fans of a certain webcomic series that so many people know and love. Our goal is to bring together over 1,000+ fans of the popular series to celebrate our favorite characters, artists, fanfiction, music, and beyond. We hope to create something by and for the community.

Want to be part? Suggest guests or Be Staff

StuckCon might happen July, 2013.

Where will StuckCon be?

StuckCon will be held in Chicago, one of the most central locations possible.

How much will it cost to get to StuckCon?

We'll be hosting StuckCon as close to O'Hare airport as we possibly can, so that people from around the country an join us. Flights to O'Hare are usually cheap from many cities.
Detroit: $190
Boston: $208
JFK New York: $232
Atlanta: $332
Flight prices may go down closer to the weekend, as prices are usually lowest exactly 8 to 9 weeks before travel dates.

How much will StuckCon cost for admission?

We're still looking into this. Please give us your suggestions and thoughts.

Why is the website so empty and bland?

We're building from the ground up. Check back regularly and you'll see how we evolve in an epic way.

How can I support this idea?

For now, like us on Facebook, follow us on Tumblr, and watch us on DeviantArt. Twitter coming soon.

Stuck Con is a convention organized by fans of the popular webcomic. It is not authorized by the creators. All names, characters, and likenesses of the webcomic are Copyright (c) the creators. The intent of this event is to create an opportunity for the community to meet up outside of the internet and celebrate fandom.